Prescribing qualifications – facts and figures

Prescribing qualifications

In 2015 we renewed prescription of 20 qualifications from 10 institutions.

In 2015 we granted prescription for the first time of 6 qualifications from 6 institutions.

In 2015 the turnaround time for applications for the renewal of prescription was an average of 23 weeks. In 2014, the average time taken to process an application for the renewal of prescription was 24.3 weeks.

In 2015 we received and processed 46 annual monitoring submissions involving 118 qualifications.

In 2015 the average time taken to process an annual monitoring submission was 4.5 weeks.

In 2015, 8 planning meetings took place at institutions seeking to renew or apply for prescription.

University Liaison

In 2015 57 presentations were delivered to students of architecture.

39 institutions were visited.

Around 3,000 students had the opportunity to attend our liaison sessions

22 university liaison visits were for Part 1 groups

11 university liaison visits were for Part 2 groups

21 university liaison visits were for Part 3 groups

3 visits were for other groups – Practice in the UK, a presentation on practice in Europe

1 qualification was newly prescribed by a new institution and not included this year

6 institutions chose not to engage with the programme in any way

The busiest months for visits were March, April and October. These three months accounted for 56% of visits.

Feedback – we no longer ask for individual student feedback but we do seek feedback from the Professional Studies Advisers (PSAs)/Part 3 Course Leaders. A selection of the PSAs’ feedback in 2015 includes:

message small
“It was very useful and informative for the students – so thank you again for taking the time.”

message small“The students gained a lot from your presentation.”

message small“The students’ feedback for the joint presentation as always was very good.”

message small“The presentation was exactly what was required, and the students benefitted enormously from it.”

message small“A good session with lots of questions.”

“Yours is a really useful session, as it helps set some of the scene for the rest of the three days.”message small

message small“I was with the Stage 6 students this afternoon and the ones I spoke to were all very positive about your talk – they definitely found it useful. Thank you for doing this.”

“Thank you so much for your contribution to our course. Feedback from students has been positive so far.”message small

message small“I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution to the final year students. It seems that they really enjoyed the session and found it extremely useful.”

message small“Thank you so much, it was a great success.”

“We chatted briefly after your talk (which was very useful and informative by the way, thank you).” – from a studentmessage small

message small“Thanks so much for joining our Part 3 recall this week; your talk certainly generated a lot of positive discussion.”


In 2015, 47 European qualifications from 8 member states were notified to the European Commission for review and consideration. Overall, with the inclusion of the notifications received at the end of 2014, we reviewed 67 notifications during 2015. ARB is continuing to actively engage in the review of all of these notified qualifications. ARB notified 9 UK title changes and 1 change of awarding body which were approved by the European Commission. We also notified one new Part 2 qualification to the European Commission for consultation with Member States.